RapidRoll® Clean

Control Particles and Pressure

RapidRoll Clean high speed cleanroom doors help minimize cleanroom risk without compromising product quality or worker safety. You’ll gain greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements, including ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C. RapidRoll Clean is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and electronics cleanroom applications.


ISO Class 5 and GMP Class C
Best Class Rating in the Industry

  • RapidRoll Clean is ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) rated and is GMP Class C certified.

    GMP is the abbreviation of “Good Manufacturing Practice”. This refers to guidelines for quality assurance related to the production of medicines, active ingredients and medical products. GMP guidelines apply to workers, rooms, equipment and documentation.

    Products produced for cleanroom applications must meet specific hygiene zone requirements.

    The ISO class numbering becomes smaller when the product or process requires a cleaner environment. Each ISO class has detailed requirements related to particle and micro-organism concentrations, room air conditioning and air change rate, room and equipment surfaces, clothing, room monitoring, and documentation.

    In order to move between rooms with different GMP classes, workers and materials pass through a lock system.  Lock systems use an interlocking process to prevent room to room contamination. Workers or materials will enter a lock where materials are cleaned; workers change their clothes, wash their hands and are disinfected. An indicator will signal when the workers or materials are clean enough to move to the next lock.

Environmental Control

The RapidRoll Clean opens at speeds up to 80″ per second controlling air exchange and reducing filtration costs and contaminates.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel side frame, motor and roll cover, and bottom profile simplify cleaning and eliminate particle accumulation, which help maintain GMP Class C and ISO Class 5.

Narrow Side Frames
Perfect for Areas with Limited Space

Compact side frames offer added installation flexibility for confined areas; while minuscule curtain guide gap ensures lowest possible pressure loss.

MCC VectorControl
Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

Boosts speed up to 80″ per second. Convenient digital display helps detect problems early and fix them quickly. VectorControl technology only uses power needed for optimal performance. Soft start and soft stop design reduces maintenance costs. Interactive display is integrated into side frame to deter contaminate build-up.

Door Panel
FDA Certified

FDA approved transparent PVC vertical panels connected with polyester monofilament woven fabric enhance visibility and strength.

Contactless Safety Edge
Protects People, Products and Equipment

Contactless Safety Edge prevents accidents even under high speeds; traveling photocells detect objects at any door position and immediately reverse door to the open position.

Stainless Steel Bottom Bar
Tight Seals to Maintain Room Pressure

Minuscule gap between bottom profile and side columns minimizes pressure loss when door is closed.

BacOut Safety System (Optional)
Battery Backup for Quick Egress

With the RapidRoll Clean door, you can select our optional BacOut Safety System. When a power outage takes place, people want to exit the room. In the event of an emergency, they may need to exit quickly. The RapidRoll Clean uses a battery backup system for rapid egress during a power outage.

Contactless Actuator (Optional)
Fast, Hands Free Operation

No touching. Simply wave you hand over the actuator to operate the door. This reduces the chance of contaminates passing between your hand and the door side frames.