Commercial Doors

SecureFast™ FV High Speed Metal Doors

Clear Choice for Design and Performance

Garage Headquarters SecureFast FV high speed metal doors are designed for commercial and industrial applications where full vision is important, speed is essential, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are vital. The SecureFast FV has “full view” panels made of clear polycarbonate glass that provide natural light and creates a quality environment for employees and customers alike. The bold, eye-catching design includes performance features that add value and ensure safety. The SecureFast FV offers security and protection for employees and equipment in applications such as automotive dealerships, parking facilities, distribution centers and more.


LightSafe Safety System
Prevents Injury

Garage Headquarters offer more protective sensors than others in the industry, significantly reducing the risk of injury to people and damage to vehicles.

One of the most common causes of injury or damage to equipment is when a door comes down and hits an object in the door opening. This is often the result improperly installed photo eyes, or worse, none installed at all.

The LightSafe Safety System offers a full curtain of protection up to approximately six feet high on both sides of the door. Loads cannot go below or through the beams without being detected. Once an object is detected, the door automatically retracts.

Stack-Free DiscDrive Design
Smooth and Quiet Operations

Patented Stack-Free design prevents metal-to-metal contact during operation, reducing excessive wear, vibration and noise.

Clear Polycarbonate Panels
See Traffic On Both Sides of the Door

Durable clear polybarbonate panels increase safety by providing a clear view of traffic on both sides of the door. Transparent door panel allows natural daylight into the work place increasing worker satisfaction and productivity.

Control Central
Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

Boosts speed up to 80" per second. Convenient digital display helps detect problems early and fix them quickly. Control Central technology only uses power needed for optimal performance. Soft start and soft stop design reduces maintenance costs.

UltraEasy Slat Design
Easy Replacement

Conventional security doors and competitive offerings that use hinges to tie the slats together are extremely difficult to repair. Pull out one slat and the rest can fall to the ground. Not so with the SecureFast Easy Slat design.

While the belt system keeps the other panels from falling to the ground you can easily and quickly replace individual slats from the front without having to slide them out.

Wireless Safety System
Eliminate Coil Cord Problems

Most high speed doors in operation today use coil cords. The problem with coil cords is they:

  • Get tangled up
  • Catch on other objects
  • Are susceptible to breakage
  • Are difficult and costly to repair
  • Tend to stretch and sail into the photo eyes causing false activation

Cut your cord with Garage Headquarters' Wireless Safety System and eliminated all of these common problems.

EgressSafe Safety System
Automatically Raises Door in Emergencies

With Garage Headquarters, you can select our optional EgressSafe Safety System. When a power outage takes place, people want to get out of the building. In the event of an emergency, they want to get out fast.

Garage Headquarters' exclusive EgressSafe Safety System automatically allows egress to occur easily and efficiently. Simply pull the brake release and the door will begin to open. No manual cranks or climbing ladders to open a door without power. Availability of this feature is dependent on door size.

Garage Headquarters' Exclusive Warranty
Best Warranty in the Industry

5-year or 1,000,000 cycle limited warranty on all UltraSecure 3000 drive systems. 2 years for all other mechanical and electrical components and 1 year for labor