A new full-view design in our Modern Aluminum Collection
with a Flush, sleek exterior appearance.


Envy™ Model 956

Envy™ Model 956 is the ultimate in modern elegance. This aluminum full-view door, featuring a frameless design and five glass options, will be the talk of the neighborhood. Envy™ Model 956 features glass panels mounted on top of an aluminum structure to create a completely sleek and modern look.




Frame Options

Panels are available in different heights and widths. Contact us today for full details.



- ¼” tempered glass panels are mounted on top of an aluminum structure for an ultra-modern, frameless look.

- Powder coated hinges, struts and top bracket come standard, providing a finished, high-end appearance.

- Weather barrier created by vinyl seals between tongue-and-groove sections.

- Patent pending rails with glass ledge providing precision glass alignment and additional security.



Finish Options

Request free color samples from us today for accurate color matching.

Meets ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC® infiltration requirements with a third-party tested value of less than 0.4 cfm/ft2.

Meets California Code of Regulation, Title 24 air infiltration requirements with a third-party tested value of less than 0.3 cfm/ft2.


Glass Options

Each door is unique and built to order, therefore a slight deviation in glass alignment is possible. These doors may become hot to the touch in sustained hot weather.



Garage Door Openers

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