High performance doors that are fast, reliable and
versatile to help keep youR business rolling.



High performance doors that are as fast, reliable and versatile to help keep you business rolling.

The RapidFlex™ and RapidShield® series of high performance doors are engineered to allow maximum productivity with fast-acting curtains, high-cycle performance and resistance to damage from accidental collisions. With robust safety features and a pressure resistant design, these high speed doors will keep your facility running securely, efficiently and environmentally controlled.


High Speed Fabric Doors

Interior and exterior high speed fabric doors provide the utmost in efficiency, reliability and return on investment. Available in six colors.

High Speed Metal Doors

Exterior high speed metal doors with a high cycle, springless design that offers sleek looks and reliable performance. Standard silver powder coat made to mimic anodized aluminum.

Powder Coat Color Options

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification.

High Speed Rubber Doors

Exterior high speed rubber doors that are designed with a rugged construction providing durability for extreme environments. Available in black only.



- High speed doors are available in three different materials: fabric, rubber and metal.

- Springless, high cycle design minimizes down-time, ideal for high cycle application.

- Direct gear drive system eliminates the wear and tear associated with conventional chain and sprocket systems.

- Fast-acting doors fully open in 4 seconds or less dependent on the height.

Doors in Action

Take a look at our most recent installation of high speed rolling doors at various facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Our high speed rolling doors have been installed at bottling centers, food processing and distribution centers, municipal buildings, and other facilities.



Commercial OPERATORS

Overhead Door™ commercial operators are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of our commercial and industrial doors, offering precise control of your door system for years of trouble-free operation. To take full advantage of your commercial operator’s features, our full range of accessories allows you to enjoy the ultimate convenience when operating your garage door.