Pre-1995 Openers


To program your DAC Overhead Door wireless keypad: 

This is easier done prior to installation and near the opener. You only have 20 seconds from the time the opener program button is actuated to send the security code. 

Choose a 4-digit security code. Put the opener into the programming mode (described below) Press the “enter” button followed by the selected 4-digit security code and then press and hold the “enter” button for 2 seconds. The opener will respond as described below.

Opener programming:

(If your opener has the SC (smart button) on the rear panel see directions below)

To program a transmitter into an ACB equipped opener you will need to locate the programming buttons on the rear panel of the opener powerhead. You should see a small green LED and 3 small buttons labeled f+f- and SC. You will momentarily press the SC button once. The main light bulb will flash once.

Follow the programming steps for your keypad listed above. The operator light bulb will flash twice, indicating the code was excepted.

After a few seconds, the light will remain on for approximately 5 seconds, indicating the programming is complete.

If your system is of the older type and does not have the smart button but rather has dipswitches located on the main circuit board, you will need to call 800-275-6187 and ask for the correct matching code for your keypad or matching dipswitch changes.


Press the enter button, enter your 4 digit security code, and the “enter” button again. (For additional safety, the enter button acts like a wall push button during the travel of the door for approximately 15 seconds) This allows you to quickly stop the door if necessary.

If you have any problems in programming, call us at Overhead Door or our corporate customer service department at 800-275-6187.